Australia112 | About Us
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About Us

We are Australia 112

We are the team at Australia 112! Alex, 100% Australian and Silvia, Spanish-Catalan. Besides being business partners we are husband and wife. We met in Sydney, worked together in the tourism industry and toured Australia, visiting the most beautiful corners of this country. After a few years, we decided to travel to the other side of the world and live in Spain, more specifically in the province of Girona. We lived there for a number of wonderful years, during which we married and we had our daughter. After almost 10 years we returned to Australia and created what is now Australia 112.

The idea behind Australia 112 came from a need we identified while living in Spain. Spanish speaking travelers wanted to travel to Australia but were having their enjoyment hindered by the language barrier, in many cases leading them to choose a completely different location for their trip where language would not be an issue. With the creation of Australia 112 we managed to bring together our two homes and the people from them, so we had no hesitation in doing everything necessary to make it happen!

The services we offer are completely based around this key concept, especially our Virtual Concierge service, an innovative idea that will make your stay in Australia much more comfortable. Our Welcome Pack will help you take your first steps in this country, and our Face to face language support service will give you the option of taking advantage of any tour on offer in Australia in the comfort of your own language. We also have a selection of magnificent Tours. Come and visit us, we are ready when you are!



If you want more information, or have any queries, Contact us now