Australia112 | Virtual Concierge
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Virtual Concierge


When traveling abroad, especially in countries where your language is not spoken, unforeseen situations or situations where you have difficulty expressing yourself can become a real headache. The Australia 112 team will give you all the support you need so you can resolve unexpected incidents without problems. We also offer advice and make reservations for you when necessary. Some of the situations in which you can find yourself and in which we can assist you: loss or theft of passport, communication with establishments, need for transportation, reservation of hotels, restaurants, tours, excursions, rental cars. These are just a few examples of many possible situations.

  • Virtual Assistance:
    • Support with communication in urgent situations (situations where immediate help is needed such as; loss of important documentation, assistance in finding your hotel, your transfer vehicle did not arrive, etc.).
    • Resolution of any issues/problems where language is an obstacle.
    • Resolution of any doubts or responding to specific questions.
    • Follow up/Check up calls during your stay.

The service includes:

  • Australian Survival Guide:
    • A guide of useful information on Australia created for you by the team here at Australia 112.


  • Virtual Support:
    • Communication/Interpreter support in any situation.
    • General information about Australia or a specific place you are interested in.
    • Itinerary ideas and places of interest.
    • Reserving tours, activities, hotels, and restaurants.
    • Follow up calls during your stay.

Points of Interest

  • Contact us as many times as you want/need during these times (Based on Australian time):
    • From 9h to 17h: Any type of call either information based or for emergencies.
    • From 17h to 9h (overnight): Only emergency or urgent calls where assistance is required immediately. 
  • You can contact us via; email, Skype, WhatsApp, text message or by calling us directly. 
  • Our services are not a substitute for Travel Insurance, and therefore we highly recommend investing in a travel insurance policy before your trip.
  • In an emergency situation (eg. accidents, missing persons or life-threatening situations) you should call the Australian emergency services number; Triple Zero “000”. You may ask for language assistance as the Australian Emergency Services have interpreters in your language.